'KITOTE', Shoji screens handcrafted with natural wood.

To Order Shoji

All KITOTE Shoji screens are made-to-order.
Upon ordering, please select the following 7 categories.


Please select your preferred design.*The Shoji screens listed in the catalogue is made with H2000 x W840 sizes.

2Shoji ShapeShoji paper / Glass / Resin plate

You may select the shape of Shoji and paper / glass / resin plates.*Types of Shoji may be limited depending on the design.

  • Paper pasted Shoji

    Shoji with paper pasted on one side of the wooden lattice. This option may be applied to all designs.

    Paper pasted Shoji
  • Taiko Shoji

    Shoji with paper pasted on both sides of the latticework. (Wooden lattice is not visible from any side) It improves the level of heat insulation and sound proof. This option may be applied to all designs.

    Taiko Shoji *The visual design is the same on the front & back.

Shoji Papers

Tough Top
Maintaining the texture of Japanese Washi paper, it is 5 times stronger against ruptures. It is durable and long lasting, and its strength does not weaken when wet. It is also very easy to re-paste.
Warlon Sheet
0.2mm vinyl chloride sheets with Washi paper sandwiched in the middle. Maintaining the beauty of Washi paper, it has an outstanding durability and fire resistance.
Shoji sheet made of a 2.0mm thick nonwoven fabric which is hard to tear and has thermal insulation and sound absorbing effect. By installing thin touch fasteners on to the Shoji body, all you’d have to do is mount and dismount, so you can do away with peeling or gluing paper, which makes changing sheets a simple task.
*Patent pending: A joint development of Nakai Industry Co., Ltd., Kuraray Kuraflex Co., Ltd. and Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd.
Various types of Shoji paper
Hand-made Washi paper or Shoji paper may by applied.
  • Dual-sided Kumiko

    Glass or resin plates (Warlon Plate) will be inserted between the two wooden latticework. Kumiko (wood) is visible from both sides. For this order, kumiko design with potential curvature cannot be applied.

    Dual-sided Kumiko *The visual design is the same on the front & back.

Glass / Resin Plates

Warlon Plate
Vinyl chloride sheets with Washi paper sandwiched in the middle. This ornamental resin sheet has an outstanding durability and fire resistance.
There are transparent, matted and milk white types to be selected according to your needs. It is safe and hard to break but compared to glass, the transparency is lower and may scratch easier.
You may select between transparent or figured (mist) glass types depending on your needs.
  • Open screen

    This spec does not use Shoji paper / glass / resin plate and the latticework is kept open. Even when the screen is closed, it will maintain ventilation, but it will not cut-off visibility. Furthermore, the latticework will be thicker than other types.

    Open screen *The visual design is the same on the front & back.

3Wood Type

You may select the wood type.

  • Hinoki

  • Sugi

  • Spruce

kidukai nippon

4Color / Coating

As for coating, you may select from no coating, clear or color. The coating may be selected to your preference between “oil” or “urethane”.


slit handle

Slit handle will be included in the layers of Bold Line and Slim Line series.
Slit handle will not be a part of Bold Line’s Grid/Large, Grid/Small, Truss, Block types.*Slit handles may be applied as options.

6Railing type / Installation Type

1Railing Type

For the railing type, you may select from lintel, door sill / V rail / hanging door + V rail.

2Installation Type

You may select the installation types from double-sliding / single-sliding / L Type / FIX.


All Shoji by KITOTE is made to order sizes.
Please measure the following 1-8, A-I

Measurements1 Measurements2
Measurements3 Measurements4


Every product is made-to-order
The price depends on the specs, so please feel free to inquire us anytime.